Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hot New Skin Care Products

Its a new year and its time to take a look on what your skin needs to glow this summer. Not a lot has change in my skincare line up but i have added a few amazing things to my line up. Below i will list my top 5 new product.

Lets Talk 
1. Oils: Two of my all time, will not be without oils are Marula oil and Papaya oil. Lets take a look into these hard working wonders of the earth.

Marula oil
Related to the mango the marula oil is rich in oleic acid which is an essential component in the maintenance of healthy skin, effective in reducing scarring diminishing redness in skin and soothing to burns and heals insect bites and stings, my aunt can attest to this because she came back from Jamaica with a bunch of mosquito bites that were so irritated, red and swollen with pus i applied this miracle oil to the bites and by the next day they were drying up.

Papaya oil
This lovely oil is rich in Omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, Vitamins A & C, enzymes called papin that dissolves dead skin and it penetrates and moisturizes the skin. I use this oil mostly at night and just let me tell you when i wake in the morning i and fresh face, soft, supple and plump.

2. Moor mud: Moor Mud commonly referred to "Heilmoor" is the result of nearly 30,000 years of living plant dynamics in ancient bogs in one of Europe's richest and most prolific valleys. It has been investigated and proven that "Moor Mud" has tremendous therapeutic properties. These bountiful, breathtaking valleys are kept "alive" through active organic deposits which are uncontaminated.
- detoxifying
- anti-inflammatory
- astringent
- tightening (diminishes pores)
- drawing of impurities
- toning and balancing to the skins surface healing
The above notes were taken from GOW website.

3. Ubtan scrub: Hot Hot New product, only used this scrub twice but i can tell you this it is chock-full of wonderful Ayurvedic herbs and powders just to name a few Methi seed to polish the skin, sandalwood powder  to sooth and calm, and Bengal dram lentils to rejuvenate and that is just a few. Now, the texture is a fine powder that packs a punch and gets down to business, I mix the scrub with hydrosol and massage onto damp skin and then let it sit for a few and rinse. I used this scrub Tuesday and it is now Thursday and my skin still looks dewy and i am glowing like i just came from a long vacation, my skin is soft and my other products penetrate my skin better after using this scrub.

4. Blue Clay: Derived from weathered volcanic ash, blue clay is rich in mineral nutrients. With great detoxifying properties, this clay is perfect for oily skin, drawing out impurities and resulting in clearer, cleaner pores. Blue montmorillonite clay is the most potent of all medicinal clays. It is the one that presents the highest efficiency in terms of detoxification. Taken from GOW web site.
I am always adding new clays to my line up because i do facial ever week and its nice to shake things up a bit. The thing i like most about this clay is it does not dry hard and that is a plus for when i am looking for a softer clay. My skin is clean and smooth. after i use this clay.

5. Naughty But Nice Scrub: This scrub is amazing it contains charcoal, Marshmallow Powder, Adzuki Beans, Neem Powder and the scent is Sweet Basil Essential Oil just to name a few. It exfoliate, wakes your skin up gets the blood pumping and detoxify. Good stuff


  1. This is an excellent list. You've inspired me to try some new things!

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