Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes in Flowers

I have ordered form them before and sampled a few of the scent in this fine ETSY store, but I revisited one of the samples that I had stash by the name of  Flowers and I just could not get over how this scent got me out of the last few days of winter and I had hopes for summer to come soon.

I am having a lot of fun making and using my own creations but once in a while you stock up on the things your loving and Flowers has been that thing that I could not get much of.  Its everything you imagine a fragrance called Flowers to be its like sunshine in a bottle, and your covered in a bed of blooms upon blooms of flowers.

Its very sweet so if your not one for the sweet stuff stay aways and let me tell you I am one to be easily nauseated by certain scents but not Flowers it puts a smile on my face whenever I get a wind of this scent in my crazy workdays.  It boast notes of Gardenias and Linden Blossom and to be honest with you I do not detect a single not of rose nor jasmine I just smell a new hybrid of a new species of flowers maybe the queen of flowers "Rose" and the king of flowers "Jasmine" came together and gave birth to this beauty.