Thursday, March 10, 2011


Selah bath sac's are a baths must have, I have reviewed  Skinfloke Selah bath sac's in the past and now that its warmer outside this is the time of year i take baths again.

So if you are on the look out for soft, glowing skin take a LOOK over at Skinfloke. I also recommend her African black honey to mix in with all your facial scrub and mask.


  1. I love her soaks. I ran out of them a few months ago and need to buy more. I like making my own blends with Himalayan Salts, herbs, oils, and EOs, but these are so well-made, relaxing, & convenient that I love using them. I will have to check out her African Black Honey too!

  2. Her soaks go to work and the black honey is a nice addition to your skin care line up.